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Amplifying Queer Voices, Honoring Queer Creativity

As we commemorate Pride Month, honoring the vibrant and diverse LGBTQ+ community, it feels fitting to bring attention to queer voices and experiences. Because many of you may not know about it, I want to stroll down memory lane for a moment and talk about the earlier days of my ministry. Together, with Rev. Elia D. Singer, we created a small, independent podcast called "Wonder Queer."

Wonder Queer logo

Wonder Queer Logo created by Marshall K Hammer & Elia D. Singer

Elia and I, as ministers both with backgrounds in filmmaking, sought to build a creative storytelling avenue to foster a sense of community and belonging within the LGBTQ+ sphere. Another objective of "Wonder Queer Podcast" was to counter harmful narratives out there which suggest (or downright scream) that a person can either "be queer or have God." Having both finished a 2 year interfaith/interspiritual seminary program that followed two spiritually tuned lives, we knew that message was false and dangerous. We know many do not have a visible and loving queer community and we wanted to broadcast stories that validate the experiences of queer folks, wherever and whoever they are.

We had the privilege to meet with folks around the world in an intimate auditory space where they brought stories to share about moments of magic in their day to day lived experiences. Through candid conversations, we wanted "Wonder Queer" to serve as a sanctuary highlighting the extraordinary wonder that exists within ordinary queer lives. The experiences that people brought to us became parts of a rich tapestry, weaving tales of resilience, love, joy, and awe. And yes, you guessed it. Wonder!

The "Wonder Queer" adventure has been truly a labor of love. While the podcast is currently on hiatus, we hope that the voices heard still resonate profoundly with listeners. 25 episodes are available as a small archive of lived experiences, reflecting the myriad ways in which queer people find and create wonder in their daily lives. All the stories are different; I found it incredible to witness each one be expressed through the teller's unique lens. We believe these narratives stand as a testament to the strength, creativity, and resilience that inform the LGBTQ+ community.

In celebration of Pride Month, we invite you to revisit these episodes- or perhaps visit them for the first time- and find what speaks to you through "Wonder Queer." The podcast is available on all major platforms—wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

To explore more about our work, you can visit The site hasn't been updated recently but the form still works! There may be more episodes in the future so feel free to let us know if you have an interest in telling a story that matches up with the guidelines.

If you'd like to learn more about Elia's work, check out the thoughtfully curated ceremony work they are doing at

And of course, you know what I'm doing. I'm right here at

Here's to the queer creative process! Our gratitude certainly belongs to the storytellers who shared their narratives, and the listeners who embraced these tales. Thank you for offering reminders to one and all that wonder surrounds us, and that our stories, in their diversity and beauty, deserve to be told and celebrated. 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️


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