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Reiki is a powerful tool to use with animals. Many pets are open and curious about Reiki and if they allow the energy to flow through them, it helps them to relax. In cases where animals are injured or physically suffering from illness, Reiki can help promote internal healing. And just as Reiki encourages soothing of the mind, body and spirit for humans, the energy can help animals the same way.

Reiki Practitioners have volunteered at animal shelters, hospitals and have sent Reiki remotely to animals in need.

Animals also have a system of chakras. They also may have blockages in their bodies or energy fields that Reiki works to open up and release. Animals have inner wisdom and Reiki reinforces their natural healing processes similarly to how it works with humans.

Reiki Practitioners must gain permission from the animal before the animal can receive a Reiki treatment. If the animal doesn't give permission, the practitioner will honor the animal and ask again at a later time.

Usually, animals give permission when the practitioner earns their trust and they can tell the energy is only going to help them. They also let the practitioner know when their session is ending.

Most animals show their benefit from the process by displaying more energy or more calm depending on where the imbalance originated. Reiki is also good for humans and animals that are functioning quite normally.


Reiki is not meant to be used in place of medical care. If your pet is experiencing problems, the recommended first treatment is for your veterinarian to assist your animal.

Reiki is often a wonderful complement to veterinarian care and many folks choose Reiki for maintenance as their animal companion is aging.

Whether your animal companion has an injury, is recovering from a medical treatment or if they seem just not quite like their regular self, Reiki may be a comforting component toward balance in their system. 

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