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Rad Reiki was developed to benefit those who must expend extra energy on a daily basis.


It was built as a practical model to start giving back to folx who exist in the margins of society.

You can sponsor someone you love to receive supportive Reiki send-outs every week.


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If you are Black or BIPOC, you are welcome to a half hour of remote/distance Reiki, free of charge.

For white folks:
Donate $30+ to any of these organizations to receive a half hour of remote/distance Reiki.

Sponsorship in the Rad Reiki Program

Let's radically level the playing field in any way we can.

Who could benefit from sponsorship in The Rad Reiki Program?

  • activists, punks, LGBTQIA, people of color, marginalized folks, anarchists, radical-thinkers and anyone who is perpetually being judged or ignored by society
  • animals who have been re-homed or have lost a member of their family unit (person or another animal)
  • those who don't have the funds or time availability for regular treatments
  • people who are in caregiving roles in their homes or in professions who could use an extra boost to their routine self-care strategies
  • aging animals or animals with chronic conditions who could benefit from Reiki for quality of life maintenance
  • anyone working to strengthen boundaries or bring more energetic balance to their life
  • an animal you fostered or did care-giving for at one time who is no longer in your home or daily life
  • highly sensitive people and empaths who can become depleted or fatigued by the emotional energy of others
  • those who are looking to deepen their connection to spirit
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Rad Reiki keeps a steady line of regular Reiki send-outs to help recipients' inner-balance and self-healing processes.

The intention of regularly sending these "boosts" is to help people and animals increase their own resilience & self-connection/self-wisdom/self-guidance.

In today's society,

taking care of ourselves and each other is a radical concept, and until it is not, I want to create passionate programs that encourage & spread healing energy to our


This is a monthly subscription service for a sliding scale fee.

For as little as $10 per month, you can sponsor a loved one (human or animal) to receive Reiki remote send-outs every week!

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