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About Marshall


Photography by Vanessa Owen & Gavin Stewart

Rev. Marshall K Hammer (she/her/they/them) has served in therapeutic environments for more than 10 years. She is the owner and sole practitioner of Reiki for Today and For Today Ministry, located on the unceded East Cherokee territory known as Asheville, North Carolina.


Marshall established her professional practice, Reiki for Today, on November 1st, 2017. Her specialty is animal reiki, working with animals in many situations, including those adapting to changing habitats or newly adjusting to losses in the home. Beyond seekers of general wellbeing, she also works with folks in caregiving roles, recovery and those grieving losses.

Marshall will be ordained as an Animal Chaplain in June, 2023. Her work with animals has been the largest part of her Reiki practice, including working with companion animals as they age and humans grieving pet loss. Marshall is the Program Coordinator for the 9-month Animal Chaplaincy Training program at Compassion Consortium.

Ordained in June 2021 after two years of study at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, Marshall has been engaged in community ministry ever since. She co-founded and co-hosts (with Rev. Elia Singer) the Wonder Queer Podcast which uplifts stories of every day wonderment, awe and magic in the lives of queer people. She facilitates groups on the topic of spirituality at local addiction recovery treatment centers in Asheville, North Carolina. She also serves as a co-facilitator of One Spirit in Recovery, a recovery group specifically supporting her seminary’s ministers in training and alumni.


Marshall served for 4 years on the NC Chapter Board of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and on the Loss & Healing Committee in North Carolina. In 2018, she was trained by Pamela Gabbay and Andy McNiel to facilitate Survivors of Suicide Loss peer support groups. For 5 years, she coordinated and facilitated a no-cost monthly support group for fellow survivors in the Asheville area. Marshall is a survivor of suicide loss, having lost her father in 2011. She is invested in her own healing process which continues to deepen her work and commitment to supporting other survivors.

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Green Forest

About this Practice

When I started learning Reiki, I found self-treatments so helpful. My dog seemed to love Reiki treatments and so did my friends. I continued learning in order to develop a professional practice. Though I'm enthusiastic about connecting with others through my practice, there are several areas that really light up my heart.​​


Working with animals

I can't explain the feeling that washes over me when I step into someone's home, being trusted to work with someone they love. Remote treatments bring the same tender feelings. It is an honor right from the get-go.


Animals generally love Reiki because it is soothing and gentle. I have a natural calming presence with them and I hold such appreciation for living beings.


I love connecting with animals in this way and I suspect that the guardians/owners and the space itself gets a boost from the energy field as well.


Offering the Rad Reiki Program

Rad Reiki is a great use for activists and folks in marginal communities because of the amount of energy they have to expend just to be who they are in society. When I had the idea to create this, I was recalling my aunt texting me to say, "We just watched the film, Milk, and wanted to tell you how much we love you. We realized we probably don't know or the kind of stuff you go through being a queer person."

Rad Reiki can be used for people and animals anywhere!


The importance of taking care of ourselves when we're in the helping/health profession is huge and our own healing impacts our availability to be great facilitators for others.


Both folks working in healing fields and those working on their own recovery often see great benefits with Reiki.


I like the chance to hear folks' stories and learn what they're grappling with as well as what they feel great about in their present lives.


Reiki supports the inner voice and wisdom of the recipient and it offers deep rest which is vital to our caregivers. It is important work caring for others and ourselves. I'm grateful to offer this special focus.

If you are actively in a recovery program, please let me know so that I may offer you a discount for your treatments.

Snowy Forest

Photography by Vanessa Owen & Gavin Stewart

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