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About Marshall


Even though we're all doing it, being human is not simple. Life's curriculum is varied and challenging. Everyone has difficult times and- I hope- everyone also experiences times of celebration.

I've sought to be useful to others my whole life. I have a knack for putting people at ease and holding space for them. It took until adulthood to learn I was doing it all wrong. I was ignoring my needs to try to meet the needs of others.

My father died in 2011 and through that, I learned some of the most important lessons of my life. It was a challenging and painful time. I also consider myself fortunate for my grief and those gifts from my father.

Photography by Vanessa Owen & Gavin Stewart

Today, I'm grateful to harness my gifts with people (and animals as it turns out!) in ways that are empowering to them AND to me. Reiki is the first"job" I have done where I feel a boost of energy from my work with others.

I found Reiki out of necessity. I needed to reconnect with my body's messages. I hadn't been listening. I could no longer hear. Reiki helped me get back in touch with myself. The simple technique yields such power for healing. It feels like my internal systems are prompted to rebalance. It is so subtle, I don't get the urge to think them out of it. :) Reiki goes to where it is needed; I don't even have to know where that is. It's been a relief to strengthen the bridge to my inner voice.

When I saw how it helped me, I wanted to share it with others. People and animals seem to enjoy Reiki treatments! The people can tell me in spoken or written language. (See testimonials on home page.) Animals show me in varied ways. I hold deep appreciation for them both.

My particular healing path has led me to try many healing tools and modalities. Concurrently, my life path has helped me experience depths of grief and heights of joy. I believe the challenges I have faced have only made me more sincere and compassionate toward others. I bring an open-heart to this work and consider it an honor. <3

Green Forest

About this Practice

When I started learning Reiki, I found self-treatments so helpful. My dog seemed to love Reiki treatments and so did my friends. I continued learning in order to develop a professional practice. Though I'm enthusiastic about connecting with others through my practice, there are several areas that really light up my heart.​​


Working with animals

I can't explain the feeling that washes over me when I step into someone's home, being trusted to work with someone they love. Remote treatments bring the same tender feelings. It is an honor right from the get-go.


Animals generally love Reiki because it is soothing and gentle. I have a natural calming presence with them and I hold such appreciation for living beings.


I love connecting with animals in this way and I suspect that the guardians/owners and the space itself gets a boost from the energy field as well.


Offering the Rad Reiki Program

Rad Reiki is a great use for activists and folks in marginal communities because of the amount of energy they have to expend just to be who they are in society. When I had the idea to create this, I was recalling my aunt texting me to say, "We just watched the film, Milk, and wanted to tell you how much we love you. We realized we probably don't know or the kind of stuff you go through being a queer person."

Rad Reiki can be used for people and animals anywhere!


The importance of taking care of ourselves when we're in the helping/health profession is huge and our own healing impacts our availability to be great facilitators for others.


Both folks working in healing fields and those working on their own recovery often see great benefits with Reiki.


I like the chance to hear folks' stories and learn what they're grappling with as well as what they feel great about in their present lives.


Reiki supports the inner voice and wisdom of the recipient and it offers deep rest which is vital to our caregivers. It is important work caring for others and ourselves. I'm grateful to offer this special focus.

If you are actively in a recovery program, please let me know so that I may offer you a discount for your treatments.

Snowy Forest

Photography by Vanessa Owen & Gavin Stewart

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