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How COVID Rocked the World of Reiki

The COVID-19 pandemic flipped our world upside down in so many ways - even shaking up the realm of health and wellness practices like Reiki. This Japanese energy healing technique had to adapt big time when the crisis hit. Reiki practitioners and fans found themselves switching up their methods and mindsets to roll with the punches. Let's dive into the major ways COVID left its mark on the Reiki scene.

Virtual as the New Normal:

One of the most obvious COVID-inspired changes? A huge rise in virtual Reiki sessions happening over video platforms. With social distancing rules in place, practitioners had to get creative to keep the healing vibes flowing from a distance. Exploring how to energetically connect with clients through a screen was totally new territory. I found for distance healing that the less technology meant more relaxation. As many of you know, for remote treatments, I do not use screens or phone calls during the sessions. The power of Reiki is still quite palpable. I have heard from many a human companion to an animal what they noticed during the treatment. Additionally, folks who are receiving Reiki treatments remotely have also shared about the sensations felt and corresponding shifts in the days after their sessions.

Self-Healing FTW: Stuck at home with limited in-person options, people were forced to take their well-being into their own hands. Cue a big resurgence in self-Reiki practices! Folks started learning techniques to apply healing energy to themselves, building up resilience and serenity from within during these wild times.

I participated in a Reiki Share over Zoom that was offered by a fellow Reiki practitioner in Boston, Christine Radice, and I remember her saying to the room, "You always have your self-practice. You can always come back to it no matter how long it's been." She's exactly right! Once one is attuned to Reiki, it remains inside of that person and can be accessed even 30 years later by way of self-treatment. As Christine says, "It's a permanent upgrade!"

A pair of hands with fingers slightly apart

Image: Jeremy Yap/Unsplash

Embracing the Digital Age:

Speaking of Reiki shares, Reiki did get a bit techie, right? Between online Reiki circles and meditation apps steeped in Reiki principles, the technological realm became a portal for sharing teachings. Additionally, we witnessed and fostered community connections between practitioners from all corners.

I want to emphasize this. I still have yet to meet a Reiki person I don't like. (Just sayin'. 😁)

Energy Awakening:

The pandemic raised our collective awareness of personal and environmental energy in a huge way. Reiki fans found themselves super in-tune with the subtle energetic ebbs and flows of individuals and society as a whole. This awakening deepened their grasp of how we're all energetically intertwined.

I'm not saying this was easy. It wasn't. The energy of collective grief was floating around us, especially in those first couple of years. I had to really strengthen my energetic boundaries and I would bet that many of you did, too, whether you work with Reiki or not.

Rolling with the Punches:

Like everybody else, Reiki practitioners faced their own unique struggles because of COVID. From navigating the ethics of hands-on healing with social distancing to supporting clients' mental health challenges amid isolation - they had to get creative to meet care-seekers' needs.

Working with people as recipients was one thing. Reiki for Today has always offered reiki for animals in the home of the animal. Because of social distancing, I did work with a few animals in backyards but there were lots of confounding variables to deal with, including the weather and the impact wearing masks has on the trust I could build with animals. Plus, asking a cat to focus on relaxation when birds and squirrels are around is a tall order. 🐈‍⬛

The Resilience Factor:

Through all the chaos, the Reiki community showed incredible resilience and compassion. Practitioners rallied together in digital spaces, sharing resources and uplifting each other every step of the way. That solidarity reinforced their inner strength and the healing power of human connection.

Reiki has a baseline of unconditional love and I surprised myself by how much deeper that love got. Keep in mind, practitioners are acting as channels. After wrapping treatments with others, I often felt an jolt in my own self-love department as a side effect.

Here's the bottom line. There's no denying COVID rocked the Reiki world's foundations. But this centuries-old practice demonstrated its enduring adaptability in the face of adversity. From going digital to prioritizing self-care, tech integrations to tapping into new energy awareness - Reiki shape-shifted to survive this transformative era. And as we continue navigating the pandemic's fallout, one thing's for sure: Reiki's capacity to heal, uplift, and inspire will keep shining bright with hope.


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